Our Story

Created in 1965 by the Sampaguita Woman’s Circle, FCS has grown to a 200+ strong organization that hopes to provide Filipino cultural education.

Mission Statement

Filipino Cultural School strives to educate the youth about their Filipino and Filipino American heritage through dance, music, language, history, and lifestyle classes. FCS also seeks to create a sense of Filipino pride and identity, while creating a space of community through relationships and through discovering one’s identity.

What is FCS

Filipino Cultural School (FCS) is a summer program geared to the preservation and promotion of the Philippine heritage and culture. It has grown to a 200+ member strong 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that strives to continue providing cultural education for the younger generation, Filipino or non-Filipino.

There have been numerous FCS sites throughout the years namely Los Angeles, Wilmington, Carson, Cerritos, Long Beach and Anaheim. The Cerritos FCS lasted for many decades until 2011. Then in 2012, a lack of leadership led FCS into a hiatus.

The program was revived in 2013 when UCLA graduate Paolo Roca, former FCS students Czarina De Jesus and Rhea Umalin worked to bring it back to life. In 2015, FCS celebrated its 50th year anniversary and looks forward to continuing to serve the Filipino American Community and its youth.


In 1965, the Sampaguita Women's Circle, Inc. co-sponsored a Summer Cultural School with the Filipino American Optimist Club, which was a success. This program was again picked up under the leadership of Mrs. Dolly Anthony who served as its director and became the pet project of the Sampaguita Women's Circle, Inc. Mrs. Anthony, with the help and cooperation of the club members, was able to stir deep interest and enthusiasm among our people.

In 1982, a cultural and educational tour to the Philippines was successfully undertaken for the first time as a continuing program of the cultural school. It was initiated by Mrs. Aida Aquino, a past president of the club. This tour-project became the model of the yearly Lakbay Aral, a program sponsored by the Commission of Filipino Overseas.

While the Sampaguita Women's Circle, Inc. shoulders the bulk of the financial responsibilities of the school operation, other organizations have extended a helping hand in the form of monetary contribution and manpower assistance like sewing costumes, transportation, preparing refreshment, etc.

At the end of the ten-week sessions, the children always look forward to graduation. It is the time to show off to their proud parents and relatives the lessons they have learned in the duration of schooling.