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Bernard Bagorio is a senior at Cerritos High School. He served as the President for Club Kapamilya, his high school Filipino club, for both his junior and senior year. Along with that, he is heavily involved with other school organizations such as Model United Nations and The Informer, the school newspaper. After high school, he plans to major in Psychology and maybe just one day, reach his goal of becoming a psychiatrist. 

As one of the two Publicity Coordinators, Bernard outreaches the program to various cities to encourage Filipinos of all ages to sign up as a student or a volunteer. With that being said, he has put an emphasis to outreach to the city of Carson for the upcoming year. Overall, Bernard ensures that all Filipino communities are hearing the program’s name whether through advertisements, flyers, or social media. 


Bernard joined FCS to allow both current and future generations to truly fathom Filipino culture and traditions. Growing up, he never really had this type of experience and wanted to ensure that future kids get this valuable opportunity. Ultimately, he hopes to see FCS develop into a one of a kind program unrivaled by any other Filipino culture program. 

During his free time, Bernard finds joy in capturing the moment through his photography. He also enjoys grabbing a cup of coffee with his friends and having lively discussions. Lastly, he loves trying new things out especially when it comes to exotic cuisine.