Czarina De Jesus is a 2nd year at the University of Los Angeles, California (UCLA). She is majoring in Psychology, wishes to pursue a double minor in Applied Developmental Psychology, and thanks to FCS, Education. She aspires to grow up to become a psychologist, hopefully in a school setting. 

Czarina enrolled as a student into FCS during the summer of 2003, promoted to dance teacher in 2010, and is now co-President. As co-President, Czarina oversees all aspects of FCS, from the planning to the execution. Aside from FCS, she has been hired as the first ever 2nd year Samahang Pilipino Education & Retention (SPEAR) Peer Counselor. 

She loves to sing, play the piano, dance, and watch “Once Upon A Time.” As an avid Disney lover, Czarina loves to go Disneylanding and experience anything fairy-tale related. She is also an executive board member of PREP (Pilipino Recruitment & Enrichment Program) as the Bruin Life Weekend (BLW) Intern. Through PREP, she volunteers weekly at SIPA. She is also a member of UCLA’s only Pilipino acapella group Tinig and Samahang Pilipino’s Social Committee (SoCo). Czarina strongly believes that there is a necessity for spaces like FCS. 


It is important for Filipinos to experience the sense of community and identity that comes about from a program like this. FCS has been one of the major factors that has helped her grow and have a passion for her community. It is these kinds of spaces that help students discover their identity and see the bigger picture beyond their own being. FCS has always been more than just teaching about culture; it often teaches students about themselves. Without knowing one's history and culture, there will always be a missing part that one cannot be aware of until they have found it. And when they do find it, there is a sense of clarity and true pride that comes with knowing.