Edmund Cleofe is in his final year at UCLA, where he plans to graduate with aBachelor’s Degree in Anthropology. In thepast he has attended Saddleback College, Irvine Valley College, and CSULB. He currently has two associate degrees one in Anthropology and one in Psychology, respectively. He is uncertain in what career he wants to pursue. However, he is looking into graduate school for Archaeology, Business Administration, Marriage and Family Therapy or Social Work. 

He is currently the Logistics Coordinator of the Filipino Cultural School. His main responsibilities include: Finding and securing a venue, and acting as a liaison between Filipino Cultural School and the Venue. And to ensure that the teachers and volunteers are well equipped for the class sessions. 

He joined FCS last year as a Volunteer, because when he first heard of the program, he believed in and still continues to believe in the values. He has always wanted to be part of a program of FCS, but because of where he grew up, he did not have access to such programs. 

Outside of FCS, Eddie has a number of hobbies. He enjoys writing; he wrote his first poem in fourth grade, his first thirty page story in the seventh grade, and is currently working on his first novel. He enjoys acting, because it gives him a chance to be someone else. By being someone else, he learns and appreciates more about himself. Other than writing, and acting Eddie’s two favorite hobbies are hiking and photography.