Julian Apostol is a junior, currently attending Lakewood High School. He is involved in the Merit Scholars program, a program that focuses on training and preparing students for colleges and 4-year universities. Julian is still uncertain of his future major, but he does know that he wants to graduate high school with distinguished honors, wishes to enroll in a 4-year university (preferably abroad), and possibly after college, travel the world. 

Julian serves as the Administrative Coordinator, the board member in charge of handling all administrative duties pertaining to FCS. His duties range from handling all official documents and paperwork, serving as timekeeper during meetings, and is the main person responsible for the documentation of all that goes on within FCS. 

Julian had joined FCS only recently, first as a volunteer, but later choosing to become part of board immediately after having experienced working with the organization. 

Along with working with FCS, and serving as their Administrative Coordinator, Julian is also involved with his own club at Lakewood High School. He had helped establish and create Lakewood’s own Filipino club ,Kaisahan Club, as a way to help promote and spread Filipino culture within his community. Apart from being involved in leadership positions, Julian enjoys playing volleyball, learningnew things, spending time with friends and family, and living life as a normal teenager.