Student Registration


Registration for the Summer Session is now open! This year - we will be holding classes at Tetzlaff Accelerated Learning Academy (Tetzlaff Middle School) 12351 Del Amo Boulevard Cerritos, CA 90703.  Registration closes on Friday, May 24, 2019 at 11:00 pm.

Volunteer Application


Curious to see just how you can do this? We offer a variety of roles that could be perfect for you. From teaching to logistics we need your help to make this summer an experience the students will never forget!

Achieve Your Goals

Succeed with the skills you have learned throughout the summer. Create connections with others in your community.


Learn and Discover

Learn all about history, current culture, dance and language. Discover your identity through a variety of classes 


Create Friendships

Meet others who also share a similar thirst for knowledge. Make new friends to discuss the culture



We offer a variety of classes and have created a custom lesson plan for each age level of student determined by grade level.


Binhi "Seed" (Kindergarten) Dance, Language, and Halo-Halo (Culture & History)

Ugat "Roots" (1st-2nd) Dance, Language, and Halo-Halo (Culture & History)

Tangkay "Stem" (3rd-4th)  Filipino Martial Arts, Language, and Halo-Halo (Culture & History)

Sanga "Branch" (5th-7th)Filipino Martial Arts, Language, and Halo-Halo (Culture & History)

Sampaguita* "Flower" (8th-12th) Dance, Language, and Halo-Halo (Culture & History)

* Sampaguita students will also have the opportunity to volunteer during the Summer Program inside and outside of the classroom.